Effective Basti Treatments For Kapha Disorders

Among the five Panchakarma therapies, =Vasti (including Niruha and Anuvasana) is the best treatment to combat morbid Vata and to cure all disorders caused by vitiated Vata.

Vata, the control mechanism of all the activities in the body –
Vata is said to be the main controlling force of all the activities of the body.

Pitta and Kapha are incapable of producing a disease or disease process unless they are motivated, provoked and mobilized by vitiated Vata.
Similarly the functions of all the tissues and organs, the functions of mind, sense organs, motor organs, all the discharges and movements in the system is carried over by the governance of Vata.

enema bag - Basti yantraThe expulsion of wastes from the body is also under its control.

In short, Vata is the remote control of all the activities of the body, mind and senses. If this Vata gets vitiated, it will start controlling the body in an undesired way and cause lot of diseases and deformities.
Vata being the superior dosha, needs a stronger treatment and attention when it is a in a state of vitiation.
Nothing can control a ‘Vata’ which is ‘out of control’ as is done effectively by Vasti.