About Us

Parag Panchkarma Ayurvedalay  is one of the best Ayurveda  center in Patna,(Bihar) India. Expert doctors team, well trend Panchhkarma therapist. Diseases like Sciatica, Asthma, High Blood Pressure, Neurological Disorder, Neck & Spine Disorders, Skin Disorder, Obesity, all type of chronic. Diseases are treated by ayurveda medicine and Panchakarma (Detoxification) Treatment done under supervision of expert Ayurveda Physicians mentioned by Ayurveda classics.


Union of the body, mind and soul

Ayurveda, the age old “science of life” understands human body as a union of the body, mind and soul. These inseparable entities complement each other in our journey through life. According to the ayurvedic concepts, real health is not the state of having no diseases. Real health is the state of perfect harmony of the body, mind and soul. Real health triggers endless positive and creative energy.

Recognition of individuality

Ayurveda recognizes that the whole of nature, including humans, reflect each other in the form of macro- and microcosm. Even though everyone is made of the same components, the proportion of these components in each individual is unique, making everyone distinct from another one. This recognition of individuality is one of the hallmarks of Ayurveda science.

Ayurveda is the only medical method in the world that provides a holistic approach to health in a scientific manner. This time-tested medical science, its efficient methods of treatment and potent medical preparations fully satisfy today’s requirements. Ayurveda is not only complementary to western medicine. Ayurveda provides, in addition, substantial philosophical insights into health care concepts.


Panchakarma is an essential core of Ayurveda. Customized for each individual patient, Panchakarma procedures follow a specific program of treatments that result in purification, rejuvenation and regeneration. Diet, ayurvedic herbal medicines, yoga and meditations facilitate the healing and regeneration processes.

Ayurvedic therapy is known to be particularly effective for the prevention and cure of chronic diseases.